Lager 7 - Throw away less building material


Throw away less building material

iPhone oder Android App um Baumaterial zu vermitteln

Foremen already have enough time and cost pressure. The mediation of excess material must become more efficient.

With Lager 7, building material can be photographed and recorded directly on the construction site. Colleagues in the company are automatically informed about the offer by the Lager 7 app.

This saves time, nerves and material worth a lot of money.

Building material: pipes
The Core Team
Digital meets construction
Portrait of Jonas Kamber

Jonas Kamber has been involved in technology for 20 years, has helped build a company in Silicon Valley and leads development at Lager 7.

079 237 79 04

Portrait of Marco Märki

Marco Märki had the idea for Lager 7. As a foreman, he knows exactly how the construction industry ticks and what a digital tool for the construction cadre must look like.

079 821 26 47

We Are Focusing on Large Companies

A foreman throws away building materials worth over 10,000 francs a year. In Switzerland alone, that is over 50 million francs.

A lot of material could be used within the construction company. But the tools are missing to reach colleagues efficiently, structured and without much effort. Lager 7 is the solution to this problem.

Überdimensionale iPhones mit App um Baumaterial zu vermitteln
Our Goal For Tomorrow is a Marketplace

The obvious solution to mediate building material is a marketplace where building material can be mediated across companies. And that is our goal.

A marketplace only works with supply and demand. That's why we focus on winning major construction companies. We want to have a good amount of offers before opening the platform to everyone.

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